Institutional charter

The Foundation High Horology, whose mission is to promote and educate on Fine Watchmaking, has the pleasure to present the FHH Academy, its entity dedicated to delivering trainings all around the world. 

The FHH Academy aims to unlock and deliver knowledge to improve the business performance of watch industry professionals. Thanks to a network of instructors across the globe, the FHH Academy offers a range of trainings including conferences, classes and workshops available in more than 10 different languages. An internationally recognized certification program, the FHH Certification, is awarded to successful participants. The training programs are especially created by retail sales professionals and watchmakers, with specialist input from experts in pedagogy.

As an official and internationally recognized entity, the FHH Academy has now trained more than 11'000 people across the world since its creation 4 years ago.

Our mission: Master, Deliver, Measure

Being fully part of the Foundation High Horology, the FHH Academy values the transfer of knowledge through trainings. Our mission is to unlock understanding and deliver knowledge to improve business performance for the watch industry sales professionals. And this stands in 3 words:

FHH Academy - Master


The FHH Academy has created a Cultural and Scientific Council whose role is to master exhaustive knowledge in the field. In order to help people who develop high horology every day in the world, the FHH Academy enables them to master Fine Watchmaking knowledge so that they can deliver precise and adequate information to their public. As a consequence, they contribute to the mission of FHH Academy in the real world.  


The FHH Academy considers fundamentally important that adequate and up-to-date information is delivered every day by professionals within the industry. This is why the FHH Academy works with the best trainers all over the world. It is to ensure that FHH Academy delivers the highest quality of content as far as watchmaking knowledge is concerned.

FHH Academy - Deliver

FHH Academy - Measure


The FHH Academy believes that in order for professionals to deliver the right information, their knowledge should be rigorously measured. This is why the FHH Certification was created: a set of exams that awards successful participants with an internationally recognized diploma in the field.

Institutional charter

Our vision

The FHH Academy is the only institution that trains and certifies general watchmaking knowledge worldwide. As the only institution doing so to date, we want to remain the leader in this field.

Our values

Fine Watchmaking is all about having people admire exceptional craft and dream. It holds key values of rarity, reliability and preciosity. The FHH Academy seeks to preserve and share these elements through its values:

Trainings and pedagogical tools are always challenged and improved to maintain a high quality level. FHH Academy trainers are coached on a continuing basis, thanks to the FHH Academy team support. They meet to the demanding expectations of clients and participants.

The FHH Academy works to create trainings and certifications specifically for the watchmaking field. It is recognized to be the sole institution to do it worldwide for general watchmaking knowledge.

The FHH Academy makes a point of keeping informed about the latest innovations in the watchmaking field as well as in the science of education.

The FHH Academy makes a commitment to implement a collaboration strategy towards its clients, partners and service providers. A close relationship is maintained with each client in order to offer a customized and qualitative service according to the needs and expectations of each of them.

Main principles for our adult education

Main principles for our adult education

FHH Academy andragogic principles are divided into 3 levels:
1) Quality
• To set up trainings according to the expectations and needs of the participants
• Implementation of improvements according to the feedbacks and expressed needs
• Optimal use of internal and external resources

2) Neutrality
• To talk about the watch industry without focusing on one particular brand.
• To stay updated about all changes, novelties, trends of the industry to ensure the constant relevant knoweldget of the trainers

3) Skills development
• To identify, analyse and meet the needs and expectations of the participants
• To ensure about the recognition of the training course through a credential system.