What is the FHH Certification?

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Official recognition from the industry

Discover the world of watchmaking. Accessible to all, whether you are an amateur or a connoisseur, our trainings will delight all watch enthusiasts.

Why should I take the FHH Certification?

The FHH Certification is not only educational but also a tool to boost your career in the watch industry. Our main goal is to offer the most valuable certification for professionals and prove their skills on the market. Watchmaking industry players now have an official tool to train their teams to meet the highest standard.

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The 4 subjects of the FHH Certification test


Questions are about the mechanics of a watch, how a movement works, the functions of its various parts, and the main watchmaking complications.

Market Players

Focusing on the brands and products that shape the world of watches, as well as the industry’s economic environment.

Material & finishes

This section focuses on the materials used in watchmaking, such as gold, ruby, maillechort, silicon and Superluminova.

Culture & History

Questions determining how familiar you are with the milestones  in watchmaking history: key dates, major innovations and pioneers.

After taking the test, you will receive your final score, your corresponding level, and a detailed analysis of results for each subject. A nominative diploma is given to the successful participants.
Exam sessions can be organized anywhere in the world on request. 

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