Watch Live

Watch Live? It's the first ever "instant learning" app for professionals working in the watchmaking field.

Developed by the Foundation of High Horology in collaboration with exclusive watch brands, Watch Live is a must-have professional app to support sales associates on the floor in their day-to-day contact with customers.



Featuring product information, history and brand news, Watch Live is as easy to use as any social media. Available in ten languages for free, Watch Live offers 3 main exciting features:


Instead of having eight different apps (one per brand), staff can get up-to-speed with developments regarding all the brands with a single tap.


Perfect for the daily commute or a quiet moment in the store, Watch Live provides bite-sized learning opportunities that cover the basics of watchmaking as well as the specifics of partner-brand collections and flagship watches.


Learning is more effective when it's fun. Watch Live invites staff to work their way through challenges and progress to become the number-one seller and, at the same time, earn goodies, invitations and exclusive gifts which are managed by the brands in their space.

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