International Convention Great Lake Certification

ICGLR Certification

The purpose of the International Convention Great Lakes Certification Mineral Tracking and Certification Scheme is to provide for sustainable conflict-free mineral chains in and between Member States of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region with a view to eliminating support to armed groups that  sustain or prolong conflict, and/or otherwise engage in serious human rights abuses. The standards and procedures are intended to prevent non-state armed groups and public or private security forces from interfering illegally at any point along the supply chain or committing serious human rights abuses related to the supply chains of minerals.

The ICGLR Mineral Tracking and Certification Scheme further seeks to promote the mineral sector's role in the peaceful economic and social development within the Member States of the Great Lakes Region by establishing common regional standards for transparency (both of mineral flows and of payments to government from the mineral industry), working conditions, environmental performance and community consultation.